Spotlight: Baderbrau Christmas Bliss

Baderbrau Christmas Bliss

Christmas in a can might be the best way to describe Baderbrau Christmas Bliss.

Baderbrau, a small brewery located on Wasbash Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, has a little can of Christmas for you. We can only assume the Chocolate Orange candy weighs a bit heavy on the inspiration for this Baderbrau creation. Terry’s, a British chocolatier, created the Chocolate Orange back in 1932. Their heavy advertising around the Christmas holiday turned it into a massive seasonal favorite in the U.K. 80 years later it is popular all over the world.

Since rich chocolate, fruits and candy are a seasonal staple this time of year, why can’t beer be the same? A Baltic porter serves as the backdrop for hints of orange and vanilla that Baderbrau has added. For as rich as this beer is, it’s far from heavy. Pints of this are easy to put down.

Tis the season of drinking with friends and family, and Baderbrau most certainly created Bliss with that idea in mind.

Baderbrau Christmas Bliss is available seasonally in 12 ounce cans and draft.

Style: Baltic Porter (w/ Orange, Vanilla)

Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.

Latest Release:


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