All I Want for Christmas is this 6×6 Jeep Rubicon!

It isn’t going to fit under the Christmas tree. But if you have an extra $375,000 to buy this beast, you likely have a great garage to put it in. This thing is a 2017 Jeep Rubicon that has been stretched for a 6-foot truck bed and an extra axle in the rear, and plumbed with a 6.4L Hemi. It’s a creation of Matt Hunt, owner of MHMC near Huntington Beach, California. He’s responsible for the Affliction Chevelle and a host of lifted, sparkly, Jeeps and trucks that fit the Orange County lifestyle of wretched excess.


This one is called the Poison Tree Frog, were guessing because of the paint. Kawasaki hues aside, the engineering work allows for a new Hemi to be mated to a Mercedes Benz five-speed automatic. There are two driveshafts. The first one runs to a CV joint on a Ford 9-inch, and a second connects a rear facing CV joint to the factory Dana, for a functioning 6×6 wheel drive.

Matt blew the entire Jeep apart, cut and extended the frame by a mile, lifted the body and fabricated a functioning pass-through 6-foot bed. It sits on Fuel wheels and 35s.

Incredibly, this is the second 6×6 Jeep Matt has built. The first one went to a company called Wild Bore Off Road in Huntington Beach. This one was built for the Garansindo Group, which owns FCA dealerships in Indonesia. If you need one, a 6×6 Rubicon can be built in six months to order, with a Hellcat engine if you want.

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