Got a Thanksgiving Travel Question? Ask the TSA

thanksgiving travel tipsHappy Thanksgiving! Since I’m getting emails from readers asking what they can and can’t bring on the plane, I thought I would go straight to the source for answers.

My suggestion before leaving for the airport is to try the TSA “Can I Bring My…” tool to make sure your items are allowed. Just enter the item you want to pack and it will tell you whether you can pack it in your carry-on or whether it needs to go in your checked bag.

The TSA also has a prohibited items list. If you are still having trouble finding the answer, then reach out to the @AskTSA team via Twitter or Facebook Messenger and they’ll surprisingly get right back to you with an answer.

If you’re wondering about what foods you can travel with, you can bring cakes, pies, bread, donuts, fruits, vegetables, turkeys, etc. Gravy is prohibited from carry-on bags unless you pack it in accordance with the TSA liquid policy. If you really need to, you can also pack it in your checked baggage.

I hope this helps and make your travels smoother and tastier. Happy Thanksgiving!



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