‘Avis Now’ Improves The Way We Rent Cars

avis-nowThis is a sponsored post by Avis but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

On a recent business trip, I picked up a rental car from Avis using the new Avis Now app. I had read and even watched a video showcasing how quick and easy it was going to be, but I’m never easily convinced until I try things for myself.

After my experience, I can say that the Avis Now app is pretty amazing. And I’m all for anything that can reduce the time I spend in an airport or reduce waiting time, in general, because it’s true that every extra minute I save is a minute I could be productive doing something else for my business. Here are more details on how my Avis Now experience helped me make the most of my time on and off the road.

Reserving a Car

First, I downloaded the Avis Now app a couple of days before I needed the rental car. (Make sure you have an Avis Preferred loyalty number. It costs nothing like other loyalty programs.) I opened the app and chose ‘New Reservation’. I was prompted to make a car selection, enter my pick-up/drop-off locations and date/time that I needed it. I was asked if I wanted any extras included, like additional coverage to the vehicle and fuel plans. After those prompts, I was finished. A Toyota Prius was reserved for me at the Philadelphia airport and I received an email confirming that. It took me about three minutes to reserve. I kept double-checking because I was shocked at how quick it all was. It would have been ever quicker if I didn’t keep double-checking everything!

Picking-up the Car

Upon landing at the Philadelphia airport, I received a notification on my phone saying that my Prius was waiting for me in spot A20. I thought, ‘Sweet, I don’t even have to look up my numbered spot in my confirmation email now.’ (And who knows how long it would have taken me to find the confirmation email in my mounds of emails.)

I took the shuttle to the Avis Preferred area and then through the app, I could just flash my car’s lights! I didn’t even really need the number of the spot but I confirmed it through the app and also the license plate number and mileage information. In a minute, I was on my way to the gate where the attendant checked my car. I couldn’t believe how painless that was. I mean, calling an Uber may have taken even longer than that process!

If I didn’t like the car that was assigned to me, I could have just switched it out on the app by scrolling through other cars and choosing one – all without talking to a person behind the desk. The app also held my rental agreement, so I didn’t need to sign and carry around a bunch of papers in my car.

Returning the Car

Once it was getting close to the time I needed to make my return, my app notifications reminded me again.

“Your rental is almost complete. When you arrive at Avis, simply tap Return Now.”

I like getting these notifications because I have a lot on my mind and they allow me to focus on my work and all the other things on my to-do list. The app allowed me to return the vehicle by tapping ‘Return Now’ on my phone. Again, quick and easy – all without talking to a person behind a desk. I just left the key in the car, confirmed my gas and mileage and was on my way again.

Check out this video because it’s really helpful by visually showing the whole process I described above.

On the way to Avis Preferred, I started talking to a man on the shuttle to pick up my car. In between talking to me about where he was from, he reserved his car on the app. At first, I was wondering why he was glued to his phone while talking to me but then he explained what he was doing. He then stepped off the shuttle and picked up his car. I’m not going to lie, I was highly impressed by his one-minute rental car reservation AND pick-up! Next time, I look forward to being him.

As a frequent business traveler, I always dread the wait times at the airport and this app was able to take the wait time out of the car rental process; it was a much-appreciated time saver. Oh, and not to mention the ease of the app kept me together without having to search for confirmation numbers or hold on to a bunch of papers that I signed. After using the app, I can’t imagine why someone – business or leisure traveler – wouldn’t choose to use the Avis Now app. This is definitely a welcome innovation to the world of car rentals.

For more information on Avis Now and Avis Preferred, visit avis.com. To download the app click here. Avis Now can be used at more than 50 locations across the United States and will be available in select international markets in the coming months.

Avis car selection process

Avis Preferred

Avis cars

My Avis car in A20

Avis return now






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