Founders Brewing expands distribution

Founders Brewing

Founders Brewing announced today that they will be expanding their distribution territory with the help of the Great Artisan Beverage network of wholesalers. The Grand Rapids based brewery will expand to the state of Washington first, starting in January of 2017. Idaho and Oregon will follow in February of 2017.

“The Pacific Northwest has long been one of the craft industry’s most sacred regions. It was westward that Dave and I traveled in our discovery of craft beers some 25 years ago and we have long anticipated the day that Founders would be sold in this region. Simply put, it’s one of the country’s best craft beer beacons and we are humbled to be able to bring our beer to the consumers of the Pacific Northwest.” – Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens

Founders Brewing will be hosting launch events in Seattle, Washington January 10-12, 2016.

Added Distribution: Washington, Idaho, and Oregon

Timeline: January-February 2016


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