GRIP Seminars Format Allows for More Hands-On Learning

This year’s GRIP Seminars presented by Circle Track will host a new format featuring more hands-on learning.  Organizers Jason and Carrie Enders of RE Suspension and Gary Crooks of Crooks Racing have added extra wind tunnel and K&C rig time to the seminars.

GRIP takes place February 10-12 at the Charles Mack Citizen Center in Mooresville, NC.

“Each year we get feedback from the attendees that they want more and more hands-on stuff,” Crooks said.  “There isn’t anything quite like the hands-on feel. At the end of the day, the more tools that we have to measure stuff, the more competitive and the more accurate we become.”

The first opportunities for the attendees of GRIP to get the hands-on engagement will be on Friday at the A2 Wind Tunnel.  After discussion sections of the seminar in the morning, the group will head to A2 for the entire afternoon.  Crooks said there is a test plan prepared, but he hopes there will be feedback and desired tests from those in attendance.

“We really are trying to make it so that the attendees pick the adjustments,” Crooks said of the time at A2. “They can be the ones to pick them and maybe even be the ones to do it, depending on what the situation allows.  We have a test plan together so we can fill the time and show the people some different things they wouldn’t expect.”

After segments on geometry and some other topics Saturday morning, the attendees of GRIP will have the opportunity to see those ideas in action.  The group will visit Morse Measurements with an afternoon to test on the K&C rig.

“That way people can actually see how jacking force affects the race car, how it pertains to wheel load, and so on,” Crooks explained.  “We’ll have a bit of a test plan put together, but it doesn’t mean the audience can’t add to it if there is something we are overlooking.  Instead of just a conversation in a room and a diagram on a white board, now it’s something tangible they can put their hands on, test it, and see the results.”

Crooks said he and the Enders’ came up with these plans after some feedback and that the opportunity to see change in action has incredible value.

“To be able to ask the question, get the answer, and see it applied in a tangible situation…that’s invaluable,” Crooks said.  “Each year, after each seminar we get asked more and more for hands on stuff.  That’s a challenge for us because how do you get 50-60 people on something?  How does everyone get that opportunity?  These seem to be two areas that every time we introduce it to people at after hours, that they’re intrigued with.”

In addition, GRIP offers plenty of time between sections and after hours to discuss the results and information attained.  Crooks said not only is there time during the seminars, but that he and Jason Enders continue to hold discussions with attendees from past seminars.

“We encourage it,” Crooks said.  “We’re not naïve to think that we have all the answers, but we’re going to give it our very best for you and shoot you straight. Whether it’s in the middle of the summer on a Saturday afternoon or Monday night when you’re working on your car, we’re an open book.”

Crooks expects this year’s attendees will leave with their answers, but will also have some questions with so much more information available from the hands on tests.

“That happens to Jason and I as well.  Every time we go, we’re getting answers to questions now and we’re satisfying the attendees, but when we leave, there are more questions.  That’s how GRIP continues on.  Each year there is more information to deal with and more answers to source help.”

Tickets are available at  Those who register before December 1 will have a three-night hotel stay included. For more information on pricing, visit the GRIP web site.

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