VIDEO: Going Local in Malta, Part 1: Art & Fashion in Malta

This is the first post in video contributor Kelley Ferro’s three-part video series on Malta.

Malta is filled with living history. Admire the ancient ruins, walk along the walls from centuries before and participate in village life that could be out of a history book. Yet there’s also a young, emerging culture in Malta. You can find local artists and popular fashion designers along these time-honored streets. A great way to immerse yourself in the local art and culture is by taking a tour with Perillo’s Learning Journeys. You’ll get to see more than most travelers since this USTOA member has access behind the closed doors. Check out this video to get a glimpse of the vibrant and diverse culture of Malta.

In part 2, next Monday: Wellness in Malta.

For more on Malta with Perillo’s Learning Journeys, visit

Fireworks in the harbor (Credit: Justin Weiler)

Ornately arranged history (Credit: Justin Weiler)

The walls hang with history (Credit: Justin Weiler)

Painting in Malta (Credit: Justin Weiler)

The rocky coast of Malta (Credit: Justin Weiler)

Sculpture in Malta (Credit: Justin Weiler)

Artisanal jewelry (Credit: Justin Weiler)

From the water (Credit: Justin Weiler)

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