Victory Red, a future sour red ale

Victory Red

Victory Red, a Flemish-style red ale, is on the Pennsylvania based brewery’s lineup in the near future.

This particular type of sour ale got its start in the West Flanders area of Belgium. The sour ale matures in oak barrels with Lactobacillus and/or Sacchromyces. Many bottled Flanders red ales are a blend of young, sweeter, stainless steel fermented beer, and older oak matured beer.

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That’s a segway for ‘expertly blended’ seen on the Victory Red label. The brewery touts three years of oak aging that set the stage for the final release.

Our brewers’ passion and dedication to tradition comes to life in this extremely limited Flemish-style sour red ale. Three years in oak barrels, mixed-culture fermentation and expert blending have come together to marry tart and tannic notes from natural oak souring with intense impressions of dark fruit. Join us in savoring the complex and effervescent ale that is Victory Red.

Victory Red will be a 750 milliliter bottle release. The beer has not yet been announced.

Style: American Sour/Wild Ale

Availability: 750ml Bottles

Debut: TBA

5.5% ABV

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