Three Taverns A Night On Ponce IPA cans hit the market [PICS]

Three Taverns A Night on Ponce can

Three Taverns A Night On Ponce, the brewery’s extremely popular American IPA, will be available in cans for the first time in August. The beer is an American spin on the brewery’s Belgian-style IPA, A Night in Brussels.


Three Taverns opened their brewery with A Night in Brussels in their lineup. Inspired by just that – an evening in one of the world’s most well known beer cities. To create Three Taverns A Night on Ponce, the brewery used the same recipe for Brussels, and swapped out the Belgian yeast to an American yeast.


The name and artwork depict one of Atlanta’s famous streets, Ponce de Leon Avenue.


A Night on Ponce IPA grafts an American ale yeast onto the same malts and hops used in A Night in Brussels IPA. The result is an entirely different beer, which announces its presence with lush notes of citrus fruit before tapering to a clean, dry finish.


Beer Street Journal spoke with the brewery’s founder Brian Purcell ahead of this release. By now you’ve heard all the reasons why a brewery made the move to cans – recyclability, cans can go places glass can’t, etc. The thing is, Purcell said years ago that he’d never release cans. As you CAN see now, you can’t accuse him of being inflexible.


This IPA has gone from debut to runaway flavor success almost overnight. The primarily Belgian-style brewery (with a true Belgian at the brewing helm) created one of the southeast’s best IPAs by just changing the yeast in a beer they were already producing. Today it finds a dual life in aluminum. The success, we hope continues.


Style: IPA


Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans, Draft.


Debut (Cans): 8/12/16



7.5% ABV


Three Taverns will have three cans in their lineup by the end of the month – Prince of Pilsen, Night on Ponce, and Rapturous (Raspberry Sour.) All images: Beer Street Journal.


Coming down the canning line.


Brewery founder Brian Purcell holds one of the first cans of A Night on Ponce.


A Night on Ponce in filling position.


Cans full off fresh IPA.


Three Taverns A Night on Ponce cans



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