Dogfish Head Beer For Breakfast (Brewed with pork scrapple)

Dogfish Head Beer For Breakfast Stout

Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast, the brewery’s essential breakfast beer, is headed for bottles.


You’ve heard of breakfast beers before. Typically it’s a stout brewed with coffee. Perhaps oats. Maybe even a little milk sugar (lactose). Yeah, Dogfish Head could do that too, but hey- that’s not very off-centered is it? This beer needs that little something extra. Bacon? Orange Juice? Nope. Scrapple.


If you aren’t from the northeast, strap in. Let us explain scrapple. It’s breakfast meat, akin to sausage. Scrapple is pork scraps seasoned with spices and held together with corn meal. The brewery uses Rapa Scrapple. Some of the best you can get. This is just the beginning of what this stout looks like.


Dogfish Head Beer For Breakfast has a long list of ingredients. The most important meal of the day looks like this:

    • Maple syrup from the trees at Northfield Mount Hermon High School (Sam Calagione met his wife there)
    • Barley smoked over applewood
    • Roasted Chicory
    • Lactose (milk sugar)
    • Guatemalan Antigua cold press coffee

Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast is set to return per the brewery’s release calendar in November. This year would be the first time in 12 ounce bottles.


Style: Milk Stout (w/ Coffee, Brown Sugar, LactoseMaple SyrupScrapple)


Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.


Debut (Bottles): TBA



7.4% ABV


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