Travel Website of the Week: NBC Olympic Live Streams

OlympicsIt’s always fun to watch the Olympics, but NBC’s opening ceremony coverage was painful with all of those commercials. It was so bad that my wife and I turned it off after the first 20 minutes. I know, we should’ve DVR’d it, but we don’t have a DVR. We already pay for cable, Netflix and Hulu, and I rarely watch TV. My wife does most of the watching and it’s usually on Netflix or Hulu so there’s no real need for the DVR.


I only turn on the tube to watch sports or the news. However, every two years when the Olympics come around, I tend to watch a lot more. The problem with NBC’s coverage this year is that most of the games/matches I want to watch aren’t on live, and I’m not into their lame tape delay. Especially since I live in LA and I can see all of my east coast friends tweeting and posting about who won. It takes the fun out of the games.


The one credit I can give NBC is that they set up a pretty good website for keeping up with the games, called It streams live matches and lets you replay past ones. US-based viewers get 30 minutes of free coverage and after that, they have to log in using their cable provider info to watch the rest. I did that using my Time Warner credentials and I’m back to being a happy camper.


BTW: I was fortunate to attend Day 6 of the 2012 Olympics in London. I went as a guest of British Airways. Here are my pics!


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